Sunday, March 29, 2009

Solider- N*E*R*D

New song...HOTNESS! And Jimmy Fallon's show is too tight! Like the Roots are the house band, could it get better than that???

Skate P Really Likes McDonalds

Yo P at Mickey D's in Paris....CRAZY!

Big Sean Freestyle

YO G.O.O.D. music will be the best rap team, or maybe Young Money!

Don't Do It-Young Jeezy

Wale Video Blog

Yo this is the week when Wale dropped his first single, "CHILLIN'" which is the fucking shit!! DC, DMV, WALE, all day, shoutout to my people out there.

Bun B & Mike Jones - I Know Rap People: Texas Edition

XXL mag had a contest with the TEXAS boys and look at Mike Jones. He's like not fat and Bun B is the funniest motherfucker in the world lol.

Big Screen-GLC X Kanye West

Yo I love this song and GLC always seems like he will breakout and become a big star, but I guess he'll be stuck on the brink, but he's def ready.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Prince EA over Nike Boots

Prince Ea Spits 100 Bars Straight Through!! from Prince EA on Vimeo.

Yo I went to high school with this dude, and he's the truth!! He's gets all the love in the world!! Check him out!! HE'S NICE

Precious-Jim Jones X Ryan Leslie

Yo Jimmy is my dude and R. Les is the best producer out right now! This is the video for Precious!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Drew Struzan is the SHIT

Yo Back to the Future is my favorite movie, and Coming to America is a classic! Harlem Nights is another dope movie and who doesn't love Indiana Jones is the man and STAR WARS ARE THE BEST MOVIES EVER!! I saw that Drew Struzan made these pics and many more!!! I saw it on ELITASTE and click HERE for Struzan's website.


Yo Griffey is back in Seattle and Nike came out with a pack to show how he is the MAN!!! Yo the Air Max's are NICE!!

Number 9 Fusions

The summer is going to be full of dope shit!!!!

Air Jordan 1's

Yo I blogged about these when they first came out this year!!! The new colorways are crazy dope and I really need some of these for the summer!!!

Hat Game Proper

Yo Mishka is a SUPER DUPER TIGHT BRAND!!! They got some of the DOPEST hats and I'm so excited that I have to cop!!! The Hallelujah hat is my favorite

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Lunatics

Okay! AYE! St. Louis stand-up...Nelly and Murph def had the best verses, but as a song this is not bad. It sounds very LUNATIC, but I really dig the direction they are going in

Monday, March 16, 2009

Stay Up (Viagra)-88 Keys X Kanye West

88-Keys and Kanye are super dope and this is so damn funny!! Like these dudes are funny and has Kanye ever had a bad video?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Wale-Nike Boots

Like this is a DOPE ass song! Never gets old!

Martin Louie the King Jr.

Budden, Wale, and 9th Wonder Talking

Yo Wale and 9th Wonder are making a new tape called "Back to the Feature". So Budden, Wale, and 9th Wonder are talking bout internet comments and other affairs in the rap game!

To Buy or Not to Buy?


BBC Shit X Skate P

Yo Pharrell is the guide to fly! So one most def takes notice to the cream white pants, and I love the navy blue joints! Watch out for me in the whites this summer!

"Tyson" Movie Trailer

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Now This Song is Dedicated to the FREAKS

This is so weird. This turtle is seriously gettin it on with a shoe... its kinda funny at first... but then you realize... its a turtle humpin a shoe...


So why is this video fuckin real... it turns out some kid let one rip at a City Council meeting in Ohio... can you say awkward...

Race For The MVP

I dont know... this has been one of the best NBA seasons in recent memory and there are three MVP candidates that would easily make anyones top ten players list competing for the trophy. So who is it gonna be...



Or my man Kobe

By the way, that kobe video was extra cool lookin

Can You Honestly Go Wrong with These?

Like really? NO I'm serious!! NO FO REAL!! Could anybody purchase these and not leave your local sneaker store not feeling like THE SHIT!?! NO!!!


The pictures say everything..

88 Keys and Ye

Clip of 88-Keys & Kanye (as Clifford & Rufus) on set of Keys’ upcoming video for Stay Up (Viagra).

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Chrisette Michelle-Epiphany (Co-Starring Drake)

Yo I love Chris and she has such a pretty voice! Check my boy Drake out!

Superboo-Kid Cudi

Yo this is such a GREAT VIDEO!!! I mean the visuals are so beautiful LOL, and the song is good too! It's directed by Tishaun Dawson for featuring The Beautiful Warriors Nazanin, Jessie, Marly, Kaila, Kacie & Jeanette

Ryan Leslie is HOT Right Now

I Know What You Like! from Ryan Leslie on Vimeo.

Yo this is R-Les at work. His self-titled album is def worth the buy!!!

Keri Hilson- Making Love (starring the boy 'YE)

Yo KANYE IS THE MOTHERFUCKER MAN!! I know Jay is married to B , but this is the next best thing since Keri Hilson is the baddest woman on God's green earth!!!

What Other R&B Artist has a Video of M.J. and Ali??? THE DREAM

Yo this video has a reel of Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan and the Dream goes over Kanye's Amazing track! OMG this is super dope and creative. The Dream is the man!!! Click HERE to download!!


I had some low Dunks that had elephant skin that I wore out, but these right here?!? Plus I like patent leather swooshes!!

Super Tight

Phoks is a French Art Director and Photographer, and I don't know much about his work but this is dope!

Electrik Red-So Good Video

Yo the song is decent, but they are PRETTY FINE!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Teedra Moses- My Love

Teedra is not new to the music scene, but this is just a great song! IDK if this is old or newer but this is a good song! When is she going to BLOW?!?! Download HERE!

Original Fake Denim X Levis

So I wear Levis like its nobody's business!!! But these happen to be in Japan, and my private plan is in the shop, so I will be sticking to the Levis at UrbanOutfitters lol

Since I Love Her...Here's her Mixtape

Ok so she collaborated with Chuck from the Cool Kids, Green Lantern, and some check it out HERE!

Amanda Diva Interviews Wale

I love her and I've had this crush since she was on MTV2 and she interviews our DC brother WALE!!! Plus I buy a majority of my clothes from KARMALOOP..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Sky Might Fall- Kid Cudi

Yo Kanye produced this and Cudi should have one of the top albums of 2009. Cudi is a beast and nobody can tell me any different! Download HERE!!

Turnin' Me Off Remix- Keri Hilson X T-Pain X Lil Wayne

Yo Keri gets kinda hood on this, and IDK but I love this song....its so dope and everybody gives a NEW VERSE

Magnificent- Rick Ross X John Legend

Yo Ross is the BOSS! This is my cut and I can't wait for the album to drop..!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Rosario Dawson

I realized I loved her in He Got Game, and I even loved her in Men in Black 2, I really just think's she's wonderful, and I want her to give me a hug one day....and 2 lil hispanic kids!

Circulate- Young Jeezy by Terry Richardson

Young Jeezy CIRCULATE (Full Video) from jeezy circulate on Vimeo.

Terry Richardson did the photography for N.E.R.D's first cd, and Young Jeezy did the rap game....! Perfect collabo!!!